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Beautiful Lamai Beach lies along a curving bay on the eastern coast of the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui.

Beautiful Lamai Beach lies along a curving bay on the eastern coast of the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui. The second most popular beach after nearby, more commercialised Chaweng, Lamai give a more laid-back vibe whilst offering plenty of nightlife, places to eat and things to do.

The beach fronting Lamai town is considered one of the island’s loveliest, with its southern third giving the best swimming and water sports and the largest selection of eateries and nightlife options.

At the northern end of the beach, the sea is shallow until quite far out and the sands are narrower, leading to a rocky headland and the famous erotic Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, the result of erosion by the seas over millennia.

Koh Samui

This coconut-clad Gulf of Thailand beauty is one of Thailand’s largest and most developed islands, humming with tourists year-round and offering a huge range of activities and entertainment for every kind of visitor. Best of all, Koh Samui has some of Thailand’s best beaches, which are well and truly in the ‘tropical’ bracket and feature stunning holiday resorts.

While Samui is mostly about the beach and water, it also has a striking interior of high mountains and lush scenery. The entertainment factor is also appealing, with a hectic nightlife in Chaweng and Lamai and also a huge number of high quality hotels and resorts. These two friendly beach towns in particular have the pick of the accommodation, especially Lamai which has world class resorts right on the beach.

Activities are numerous and typically revolve around the beach, with some nice swimming and snorkelling potential and a host of traditional water sports options like jet-skiing and parasailing. The northern beaches are quieter, but also have fewer options, plus you can also head inland for elephant trekking or swimming at waterfalls and even enjoy a game of golf on a spectacular palm-clad course.

There are a couple of excellent golf courses here, including a nine-holer right in Lamai and an 18-hole course in the north of the island. Kids can also have lots of fun in Koh Samui away from the beach as it has a zoo, an aquarium and a water park in Lamai.

Daytrips are also hugely popular, especially boat trips to neighbouring islands like Koh Phangan or to Koh Tao which has world class scuba diving. There is also some class kayaking offshore at the world renowned Ang Thong Marine Park.

As to when to go to Koh Samui, most people visit during the dry season after February (which is opposite to much of the rest of Thailand), although it remains quite busy year-round. Just avoid the November to February wet season to miss most rain, though deals can often be had at hotels at this time—Christmas and New Years are the exceptions.

Koh Samui has an excellent little airport that receives a multitude of daily flights from Bangkok, as well as from Chiang Mai, Phuket and Singapore. Taxis and shuttles run to hotels and beaches, with main hotels often providing courtesy transport. The other option is by ferry to the terminal in the west of the island. Local transport is a combination of pick-up trucks, meter taxis and motorbikes.

Lamai activities

There’s plenty of scope to enjoy Lamai activities in Samui. It is much more laidback than Chaweng, but still has lots of options to go a bit crazy or chill out and enjoy life. The beach is beautiful, for one, and has all types of water sports, while myriad boat operators head out on scuba trips and various other tours.

The southern part of Lamai Beach is best for kicking back and swimming. There are also plenty of resorts, restaurants and other amenities in this area, too, and the curious grandmother and grandfather rock formations are not far away. The northern end of Lamai beach is a bit less pretty, with mudflats and rocks, though generally has better snorkelling, especially at Coral Cove.

Water sports activities in Lamai include everything from banana boat rides for the kids to jet-skiing, waterskiing and parasailing. Scuba dive trips go from Lamai, off to nearby dive sites as well as to Koh Tao island, which is the launch point for the Chumphon Pinnacle and other noted quality dives.

Bophut Diving School is based in Lamai (and Chaweng and Bophut beaches) and is one of the most reliable dive operators here. They operate to all of the top sites with their own vessels and also cater to snorkellers looking for a bit extra.

Kayak trips from Lamai are also hugely popular, with the bigger resorts offering free rental to their guests. There’s some good near-shore paddling around the headlands, while a boat ride away is the absolutely stunning Ang Thong National Marine Park, which offers some of the most stunning sea kayaking potential.

Back on land are a number of fitness centres in Lamai, plus there is also an accredited Muay Thai camp here (with accommodation) for learning Thai boxing. You can see fights in the Lamai Variety Centre at night, which is a popular bar area in town, or hit Chaweng Stadium for ‘real’ fights.

Activities in Lamai that involve jungle trips are all the rage, with four-wheel drive tours getting visitors right up into the mountains for excellent sea views and waterfalls dips. There are some fine gardens and trekking trails up here and you can go with a jeep tour or rent a trail bike or scooter (in the dry season) and go on your own.

Other worthwhile Lamai activities include elephant trekking, deep sea fishing or perhaps kicking back and heading to the local water park, Coco Splash, to enjoy its fun slides and big Jacuzzi.

Lamai jungle trip

Koh Samui is a tropical island and its interior is mostly jungle, with plenty of opportunity to explore it by tour or under your own steam. Full day tours typically involve an elephant trek, lunch and a look at some of the top sights of the island. You can also trek to waterfalls, take in coconut groves and more.

Many visitors looking for a Lamai jungle trip typically go with one of the tour groups, such as Mr Ung’s Magical Safari, who do everything from half-day or full-day island tours to game fishing trips. They also do zip line days out.

In addition are Jungle Safari Tours, who do a full day of elephant trekking, to include an elephant show and a visit to the famous mummified monk at Wat Khunaram not far from Lamai. The jungle trek includes a look at a spectacular waterfall and they have English speaking tour guides.

For high octane adventure, getting on a jeep tour is a must. Four-by-four jungle trips from Lamai go from all main beaches, including pick-ups at Lamai resorts. They then head out into the mountains and rubber plantations before having lunch and taking in the likes of the Secret Buddha Garden or Big Buddha.

Group tours feature like-minded people in an open-backed Wrangler jeep and typically go every day of the week. You can also go private for yourself or family, while the alternative is to rent a jeep and take to the hills. The latter is straightforward nowadays what with the advent of GPS, Google Maps and smartphones, and there are reputable rental firms on Samui that offer full insurance.

One of the most popular jungle trips from Lamai is to the Secret Buddha Garden. This stunning rock garden set amid a high point of Samui was the brainchild of a local fruit farmer in the 1970s and features a plethora of sculptures. Organised tours take a couple of hours, but it’s better to go under your own steam—get there in the morning—and trek some of the trails in the area.

A jungle trip from Lamai up to Na Muang falls is also a must. They are just a few miles inland from Lamai Beach, off the road to Nathon, and come with a pristine pool for a dip. You can park up here and trek up to the falls, or even get on an elephant trek.

Lamai accommodation

Nestling along the east coast of Koh Samui, Lamai is home to one of the island’s two famous beaches and is the perfect base for a tropical holiday. A varied selection of resorts and hotels make up Lamai accommodation, with many set along the beach itself just a few steps from the ocean.

In contrast to its neighbour, Chaweng, Lamai boasts a less chaotic, quieter ambience with peaceful retreats offering privacy and creature comforts as well as larger hotels with more conventional accommodation. Most of the nightlife here takes place backing the southern area of the beach, with the northern sandy strand and its restaurants and bars much quieter in the evenings.

In general, prices in Lamai are less expensive than in Chaweng, and bargain accommodation can be had in the off-season, especially during the September to November rainy season. If you want to tour the island, Lamai is much closer to Koh Samui’s undeveloped, agricultural southern region with its coconut-farming villages, pretty coastline and unspoiled beaches.

Here you’ll find smaller, more intimate villa and resort developments offering peace and privacy along with luxury accommodation furnished in the charming, traditional Thai style. It’s a good base for families, with quieter evenings perfect for romantic dinners or relaxing with new-found friends. The main street here is far less frenetic and crowded, and the southern part of the beach has the widest stretch of sand and the best swimming.

The best beachside Lamai accommodation can be easily found with a stroll along the beach itself, as most have beach access a short walk away from their villas. At the far southern end of the beach are two of Samui’s most popular attractions, the Hin Ta and Hin Ya rocks, known in English as the Grandfather and Grandmother and bearing a distinct resemblance to the male and female genitalia. This part of the beach is one of the loveliest on the entire island.

A major bonus of accommodation in Lamai is that all the attractions are within a comfortable walk of your resort. All holiday needs are here, comprehensive tourist services, the beach itself, restaurants, bars and nightlife, convenience stores and local shops. Most of the commercial activity lies at the heart of the three-kilometre beach, and the northern area boasts the most popular nightlife spots.

If you’ve decided on Lamai accommodation for your tropical holiday, check online reviews as regards comfort, style, amenities and exact location before booking. Not every resort is as it appears on its website, and may be close to all-night noisy bars, badly maintained or with few facilities. In contrast, the best resorts are set in manicured gardens backing the beach and offer superb accommodation and services at an international level. 

Lamai Beach

Beautiful Lamai Beach lies along a curving bay on the eastern coast of the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui. The second most popular beach after nearby, more commercialised Chaweng, Lamai give a more laid-back vibe whilst offering plenty of nightlife, places to eat and things to do. Accommodation here is upscale, boutique and presented with traditional Thai hospitality.

The beach fronting Lamai town is considered one of the island’s loveliest, with its southern third giving the best swimming and water sports and the largest selection of eateries and nightlife options. At the northern end of the beach, the sea is shallow until quite far our and the sands are narrower, leading to a rocky headland and the famous erotic Grandfather and Grandmother rocks, the result of erosion by the seas over millennia.

The small resorts backing Lamai Beach itself are set in beautifully tended tropical gardens and hold private villas, often with their own outdoor pools and stunning ocean views. Most are just a few steps from the sands, and offer peace and quiet for the perfect break away from the trials of everyday life. The boutique styling of the properties is either traditional or modern Thai, and the interior décor owes much to Thai woodcarving skills and the glow of Thai silk home décor.

Lamai town is set back from the beach by about 100m, and stretches along the beach road. It’s quiet and sleepy in the daytime, and comes alive by night in its girlie bars, pubs and eateries. Several dance clubs cater for late-night owls with well-known local DJs spinning a great selection of tunes. Monthly parties take place at a huge bar and restaurant just outside the town along the beach.

Foodies holidaying in Lamai Beach will enjoy the choice of cuisines here, with everything from popular international foods as well as locally-flavoured and mainland Thai dishes. There are eateries to suit all pockets, and the nearby Chaweng night market is good for street food as well as souvenir shopping. Seafood is the speciality here, fresh from the ocean and best eaten in a beachside restaurant with a stunning view of the sunset.

If peace and quiet is the focus of your holiday needs, a beach resort at the northern end of the Lamai sandy strand is your best bet. You’ll still be within a comfortable stroll of everything the town and beach has to offer, and evenings lazing on your patio with a cocktail or cold beer won’t be spoiled by loud music from the clubs. 


Lamai honeymoon

Every newly-married couple deserves the perfect honeymoon to begin their lives together, with the tropical Thai island of Koh Samui the perfect place. Beauty, warmth, white-sand beaches, delicious food and an exotic ambience are all found at the resorts, and a Lamai honeymoon in a private beachside resort villa is as romantic as it gets.

Lamai was the first Samui fishing village to open its arms and doors to visitors from overseas and, although it has fine facilities, it’s not allowed itself to become overdeveloped as has nearby Chaweng. Giving a quieter experience within an almost bohemian atmosphere, Lamai is the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

Couples searching for honeymoon paradise can choose between hotel or boutique resort accommodation, with most deciding on a private villa in the small resorts backing the more northern area of Lamai away from the town centre with its more commercial aspect, nightclubs, and bars. Villas are set just a few steps from the sands, and many boast private infinity pools with great views over tropical gardens and the azure ocean.

There’s a choice between traditional Thai architecture and its elegant, modern version, and most villa interiors are richly furnished with the famous Thai handicrafts and silks, giving a lush, luxurious feel. internet access, flat screen satellite channel TVs, ultra-modern ensuite bathrooms with luxury toiletries and even Jacuzzis are standard in the upscale boutique resorts, and the beds are huge and comfortable.

Your Lamai honeymoon is at its romantic best in the cool of the evenings with a candlelit dinner overlooking the beach and a glorious sunset, complemented perfectly by the hiss of the waves and the glitter of the fishing boats’ lights. The sky seems huge here at night due to the clear air, and planning your life together against this stunning backdrop is something you’ll never forget. 

Lamai Beach is set within an easy drive of the unspoiled Muslim south of the island with its quaint fishing villages and lush coconut plantations, where life goes on as it always did. Another short drive brings you to the undeveloped northern peninsula and peaceful Choeng Mon beach with its secluded little white-sand bays and warm, inviting waters.

The region has everything you’ll ever need for the perfect Lamai honeymoon, from luxury accommodation at a surprisingly reasonable cost through a raft of relaxing spa treatments and Thai massages. For a fun night out, small Lamai town offers several nightclubs and a good choice of bars as well as gourmet restaurants set in famous-name hotels and upscale resorts.   

Lamai hotels

Lamai Beach is the quieter, more laid-back neighbour of Chaweng Beach a short drive away, and is perfect for those looking for a less frenetic day and night holiday experience. Great nightlife is there when you want it, in Lamai hotels, bars and clubs, but it’s less noisy and alcohol-fuelled than in Chaweng. Hotels here are priced to suit all pockets, from famous-name spa resorts to charming small hotels and guesthouses overlooking the long, curving beach.

Hotels in Lamai are found along the beach road from the southern end to the northern, narrower sands close by the rocky headland. Many offer a choice of rooms from standard to suites as well as facilities including resort-style swimming pools, souvenir shops, restaurants and bars. Smaller boutique hotels as well as the larger internationally known names are set along the beach itself, with many offering pretty villas as well as rooms.

Lamai town stretches along the beachfront and is sleepy during the day, with its nighttime revels found mostly in its central area. It’s smaller than Chaweng and was the first area of tourist development on the island. Nowadays, its infrastructure and choice of accommodation is more than up to the job, and caters for all tastes, pockets and preferences from basic to self-indulgent luxury. 

Even in the street-level shadow of the high-rise luxury Lamai hotels, there’s a sense of the area’s original village character, reminding visitors they’re in a charming but distinctly foreign country. If you’re looking for quieter evenings in less crowded surroundings, it’s best to avoid the entertainment area locally known as Lamai Gulch, as most of the late-night venues are here, including a nightclub and beach bars complete with local bands and DJs.

If you’re into health and healing and need a serious boost to your energy levels, head for Lamai hotels along the northern stretch of the bay in the area nicknamed ‘Longevity Beach’. Spa treatments here are based on natural herbs and traditional techniques, and are great for a relaxing holiday away from the stress of modern Western life.

Lamai Beach and its wide choice of accommodation is set within an easy drive of the traditional Muslim villages in the least developed southern quarter of the island. Village life is based on coconut growing and fishing, and goes on much as it has for decades if not centuries. Close by northern Bophut Beach, another easy drive away, is the popular attraction of Fishermen’s Village with its rows of traditional wooden Chinese-style shop-houses.

Lamai leisure

Although it’s close by the ever-popular, crowded Chaweng Beach with its girlie bars, pubs, clubs and all-night raves, Lamai Beach gives a more peaceful, relaxed atmosphere with its upscale boutique resorts dedicated to Lamai leisure and pleasure.

The curved beach itself is smaller than Chaweng, but hardly ever seems crowded, and most of the resorts are set right on the sands within steps of the warm, azure waters. A good selection of beachside seafood eateries is found, and water sports are the favourite activities for holidaymakers seeking leisure options other than just lazing and dozing on the sands. 

Leisure in Lamai implies relaxed activities such as fishing, boat trips around the island or to deserted offshore islets, as well as strolls along the sand and evenings spent watching the sunset form a beachside bar or restaurant. Tropical Samui is one of the world’s best destinations for leisurely activities due to the warmth of its peoples and its glorious weather, and luxury goes hand-in-hand with leisure at the pretty, private spa resorts of Lamai.

Golf is known word-wide as a premier leisure activity based on its unhurried strolls between greens and its mostly friendly rivalry between players. Set on the slopes of the hills backing Chaweng and Lamai beaches, the Royal Samui Golf Club is golfers’ paradise with its nine-hole course offering spectacular views of the coastline and offshore islands. For a full 18-hole international standard course, the Santiburi Golf and Country Club is unbeatable.

Exploring outside the main tourism centres is a favourite leisure activity for visitors to Lamai, and local guides can take you to the least developed areas in the south of the island. Here you’ll find unspoiled agricultural scenery and small Muslim villages set amidst coconut plantations. This is traditional Samui, with life going on as it has for centuries. Another treat for the eyes is the undeveloped northern peninsula around Choeng Mon beach, an easy drive from Lamai and made up of tiny, secluded, white-sand bays lapped by the azure waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Closer to your resort, Lamai town is sleepy during the day and good for an after-lunch wander around its small stores and charming Buddhist temples. For ultimate Lamai leisure and relaxation, choose to stay at a resort which has its own luxury spa, and enjoy hours of sheer pleasure filled with a traditional Thai full-body massage, beauty treatments and rejuvenating herbal therapies. 

Lamai resorts

Lovely Lamai Beach is lined with boutique-style resorts offering long and short stays on this ever-popular holiday island. The beach itself, Samui’s second most popular after Chaweng, is a classic, palm-lined gem of soft white sand, gentle azure waters, giving relaxing days in the sun. Lamai resorts boast charming ethnic Thai designs and décor or are elegantly upscale, modernistic takes on traditional architecture and almost all are sited right on the beach.

Families will love the quieter, more luxurious resorts at the northern end of the beach, and the sea here is shallow until a long way out, making it perfect for smaller children intent on swimming. There’s a good range of prices to suit all pockets, although the closer to little Lamai town you go, the more the upmarket options take over. The beach road backs the curving bay, offering local seafood restaurants using ingredients fresh from the morning catch, and street food is easily found along the road.

The high-end Lamai resorts are popular with honeymooning couples, many of whom choose to have their wedding right on the sands fronting their resort. It’s the most romantic setting imaginable and a great excuse for a holiday for friends and family as well as for the happy couple. Everything along the bay is within walking distance, and Lamai’s laid-back vibe is a totally different experience from frenetic Chaweng Beach a short drive away.

For a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, upscale Lamai resorts offer gourmet dining based on fresh, locally grown ingredients and the bounty of the Gulf of Thailand’s warm waters. Menus include Western dishes, fusion foods and imaginative takes on traditional Thai dishes, accompanied by interesting wine lists. Stunning views across the sea to nearby islands come as standard, and the sunsets are glorious.

Standards of accommodation vary according to price, with the newer, more luxurious resorts in Lamai boasting villas beautifully set in landscaped tropical gardens. The larger properties come equipped with terraces leading to small, private infinity pools looking out through palms and flowering shrubs to the sea, and ensuite facilities and kitchens are provided with every need for the perfect holiday.

On-site spa and fitness amenities are become more common, and interior décor features Thailand’s famous handicrafts as well as silks. Visitors on a last-minute trip will find the best way to source the perfect home away from home is to wander along Lamai Beach until they find a property which fulfils their dream.  Some resorts are older, less well-maintained and offer fewer facilities, but many of the recently-built complexes are as good at it gets.

Lamai spa

Some of the most popular offerings for visitors to Thailand are the traditional Thai therapies used at the luxurious spa resorts, often involving ancient herbal and other treatments to promote relaxation and improved health and wellness as well as beauty. Many of the charming small resorts set along Lamai’s long, curving bay offer spa therapies as an essential part of their holiday packages.

At many of the upscale beachside resorts in Lamai, spa treatments are as varied and sophisticated as in famous European and American health and beauty resorts charging much higher prices for their luxury services. The added bonus is the exceptional care which forms part of the Thai tradition of hospitality. Massages are the first priority, often using Eastern aromatic oils as a base for the popular aromatherapy treatments so good for relaxing tense muscles and softening and brightening skin tones.

Deep tissue massages are popular in Lamai, with therapists at your chosen spa happy to modify the strength of the massage according to client’s needs. Swedish massages help relieve the fatigue caused by Western life, dealing with the muscle aches and tension resulting from poor posture and overwork. For something very different, a hot stone massage based on Indian therapies balances the body’s chakras and banishes stress.

Specifically Thai treatments include the powerful Thai yoga massages using the therapist’s elbows and feet as well as hands, releasing blocked energy channels and improving the immune system. Aromatic Thai herbs are used in steamed balls rolled over and pressed on the body to increase blood circulation and relax muscles, and Ayurvedic head massages combat stress effectively.

Your Lamai spa therapist can advise which therapies are best for you and, if you’ve been careless enough to get sunburned, an aloe vera massage is just the thing. Aloe vera is also effective in relieving the pain of arthritis as it’s anti-inflammatory. Lamai’s laid-back, somewhat bohemian ambience and the sheer natural beauty of its tropical surroundings all act to calm the mind and make you more receptive to the treatments offered.

Many upscale hotels and luxury resorts offer spas as part of the holiday package, with the best found along the northern stretches of Lamai bay beyond the little town’s more commercial centre. Whichever accommodation you choose for your weeks in the sun, spa treatments will make sure you’re relaxed and energetic enough to enjoy everything Samui has to offer.

Lamai Thai cooking classes

Almost every holidaymaker who arrives in Thailand soon learns to love the tropical tastes of typical Thai cuisine, but may have absolutely no idea how to cook the dishes at home in order to amaze and delight family and friends. Lamai Thai cooking classes are the obvious answer to this dilemma, especially as almost all the ingredients needed are available in the West. Given that most Western Thai restaurants can be disappointing once you’ve eaten the real thing in Thailand, learning Thai cooking is the only way to recreate your favourites. 

The best of the cooking classes show you how to make the spicy pastes used to flavour the curries as well as using the freshest of ingredients from local outdoor markets. A wander around a Lamai market with a knowledgeable chef is a culinary revelation for fans of home cooking, as they’ll be introduced to exotic vegetables and fruits they’ve never before seen as well as local varieties of more familiar ingredients. The most important skill is grinding the spices in the right proportion for the dish, although most Thais now use the ready-made pastes.

Thai cooking classes in Lamai can be had from tourist agencies and offer all types of cuisine from basic Thai dishes to Royal Thai Cuisine. Depending on the course you choose, you’ll learn how to prepare and cook between three or four to as many as 15 different dishes. Classes are small, usually with a minimum of two and a maximum of six persons, and kitchens vary between Western-style and more basic set-ups. All use traditional Thai utensils and food preparation methods.

Dishes include pad Thai, tom yam, the fiery green papaya salad reputed to aid strength and health, green and red curries, Massaman curry, spicy salads and coconut-rich desserts as well as soups and spring rolls. Coconuts and their milk and cream play an important part in Thai cuisine, especially in curries and add a unique flavour wherever they’re used.

Above all, Thai cooking classes are fun, and several venues offer short’ taster’ classes allowing you decide if it’s for you. The courses vary in length between half a day and five mornings or afternoons a week and, whichever you choose, the highlight is lunch or dinner consisting of every dish cooked during the course. Lamai Thai cooking classes are open to all, even guys who’ve never boiled an egg in their lives, and everyone enjoys the experience, learns the skills and loves devouring the results.

Lamai villa

Set on lovely Lamai Beach, Samui’s more laid-back, peaceful answer to nearby Chaweng, a Lamai villa is the perfect tropical hideaway for your dream holiday in the sun. Lamai’s numerous beachside boutique resorts offer a selection of villas sleeping up to eight persons in a traditionally Thai setting and often including private pools well as stunning ocean views.

Your chosen villa in Lamai can be anything from charming and quaint to ultra-modern, although the styles of architecture and décor always remind you that you’re in southeast Asia, where the beautifully handcrafted home décor and furnishings are very different to those in Europe or America. Craftsmanship and traditional design is highly valued here, and adds much to the tropical Thai experience. 

Until a few decades ago, Lamai was a Muslim fishing village, and a tourist villa wasn’t to be found anywhere. The small, beachside town was the first to be developed, and has kept its laid-back, almost bohemian ambience along with a few of its traditional wooden shophouses. It’s a quieter version of neighbouring Chaweng with its noisy nightlife and all-night clubs, and is the perfect family destination as a result.

If you’re considering booking a Lamai villa for your tropical holiday, it’s best to search online for more modern, better-kept accommodation options in recently built boutique resorts along the sands. Many of the upscale resorts have their own websites, allowing you to choose between a more traditional or ultra-modern villa and select one with the amenities and space you require. Most have between one and four separate bedrooms, with ensuite facilities as well as fully-equipped kitchens.

There’s a good choice of luxury boutique resorts at the lower end of the northern part of the beach, with a Lamai villa here a good choice for families with younger children as there’s immediate access to the shallower waters along this area of the beach. Luxury accommodation in Lamai is a bargain compared to Western prices in popular Mediterranean resorts of the same standard, and the renowned Thai service with a smile makes for a perfect break from the norm.

A luxury holiday villa set right on the white-sand beach in Lamai and equipped with huge, comfortable double beds, cosy indoor seating facing a flat-screen satellite TV and a furnished terrace with ocean or garden views can be had at a surprisingly low rate, especially out of season. Your own private swimming pool and Jacuzzi completes the picture, and high-end resorts offer fine dining in their onsite restaurants. 

Lamai wedding

Weddings in romantic tropical locations are the trend nowadays, and few destinations are more romantic than Thailand’s beautiful Lamai Beach on Koh Samui. Your unforgettable Lamai wedding can be celebrated on the soft, white sands or in your luxury resort, and your honeymoon can begin the minute you’re married.

Your wedding can be secular, Christian or even according to the exotic Buddhist marriage rites and, after registration with the local authority, is perfectly legal in your home country. It’s best to have a Thai wedding service advise on the arrangement of all paperwork and necessary certified translations for you, leaving you plenty of time before the ceremony to relax and enjoy Samui’s many delights. Choosing a high-end boutique resort in Lamai which provides full wedding packages is the sensible option.

Lamai resorts offering wedding services let you choose between full packages or a ceremony tailor-made to your specific requirements. Either way, the wedding of your most romantic dreams is guaranteed, as are superb photo opportunities recording your special day. Many couples opt for a traditional Thai or Chinese-style wedding, conducted by Buddhist monks from a local temple and involving charming rituals, and Western-style weddings are another option.

Typical Lamai wedding packages comprise a beachside ceremony include the five-monk ceremony itself, offerings to the monks and the temple co-ordinator, a lunch, a traditional drum and dance escort from your villa to the site of the ceremony, site decorations, flowers and bouquets, a wedding cake and sparkling wine, make-up and hairdressing for the bride, a professional photographer, sound system, romantic dinner for two and a one-night stay at the resort including spa treatments. 

If you’ve travelled to your wedding venue with friends and family, a party or dinner reception can be organised as an extra, and can include fireworks and traditional Thai dance shows and music as well as a jazz band or DJ. If you intend to have your marriage registered, you’ll both need to spend a few days in Bangkok to have your declaration of freedom to marry witnessed at your embassy, and its translation confirmed and notarised.

A Lamai wedding with all the trimmings is certain to cost less than a ceremony, reception and honeymoon in your own country, even taking into account your air fare and accommodation. The bonus is the sheer romance of the wedding ceremony, the tropical beauty of its Lamai beachside setting and the superb service and friendship you’ll receive from all who help you realise your dream of the perfect, special day. 

Lamai wedding resorts

Thailand’s tropical island of Koh Samui is a favourite for weddings due to its glorious weather, sheer beauty and luxury resorts offering full wedding packages.

One of the best spots to tie the knot is on the beach at Lamai, and the area offers a good choice of Lamai wedding resorts guaranteed to provide the hassle-free wedding of your dreams.

Lamai Beach is located a short drive from frenetic Chaweng and its beach, and offers a more peaceful ambience as well as nightlife options in bars and a few clubs. The small town is less developed and commercialised than Chaweng, and was the first village on Samui to begin catering to overseas visitors. Accommodation here ranges between a few famous international chain hotels, smaller hotels and small, boutique resorts set along the sands of the curving bay.

The best wedding services and packages are offered by the high-end resorts, spas and hotels backing the sands and set in beautifully landscaped tropical gardens perfect for that special day. For total luxury and a memorable day as well as a relaxing honeymoon, upscale resorts with spa facilities and private villas boasting their own pools are the perfect choice. Several of the best resorts offer gourmet-level restaurants, so there’s no need to leave the property unless you wish to.

Lamai wedding resorts are invariably set in a magic combination of beach, azure sea, lush tropical foliage and charmingly designed luxurious accommodation. It’s no surprise that providing everything for the perfect wedding day is big business on Samui these days. The professional care given to all aspects of the ceremony is part of the Thai tradition of hospitality, and Lamai is one of Thailand’s most popular wedding destinations as a result.

A wedding on the sands of a Lamai luxury boutique resort is almost totally stress-free, as all the happy couple need to do is to arrive several days before the ceremony, relax and let the wedding planners do their job. Most resorts recommend a visit to their spa before the actual ceremony, as it calms pre-wedding nerves and ensures a wonderful day to remember.

A highlight is the exotic beauty of the Thai ceremony itself, with its ancient Buddhist rituals performed by orange-robed monks from the local temple.

Lamai wedding resorts give some of the loveliest settings in the world for your special day, and cost far less for the package and your holiday than a comparative wedding in your home country plus the honeymoon costs.

Lamai fitness

Holidays in the relaxing Samui resort of Lamai provide the ideal opportunity to keep fit or hone your strength in idyllic surroundings. Visitors opting for one of the beachside resorts in Lamai have a diverse choice of options when it comes to taking in a bit of exercise. Lamai fitness activities cover the whole gamut from leisurely strolls along the resort’s golden beach to working out at one of the top-notch in-house facilities at boutique accommodation venues or private institutions. 

Although Samui Island has evolved into one of the preferred holiday destinations in Asia, it has not lost its original charms or magnetic draws. Beaches such as Chaweng cater to those looking for non-stop fun, yet others that include Mae Nam and Lamai remain much as they have for centuries. A leisurely amble along the beaches of the latter with gently swaying palms on one side and the translucent waters of the Gulf of Thailand on the other is almost surreal, yet comes with the added bonus of a light workout.

The sand of Samui’s beaches is soft, but along the tideline it is solid enough for jogging along. This fact is borne out by the number of joggers that can be spotted on the shoreline in the morning or as the sun is setting. The verdant forest behind Lamai is criss-crossed with trails which holidaymakers seeking fitness in Lamai are able to use for jogging or hiking. The trails are mostly well worn and present few hazards for users.

A number of the higher-end Samui accommodation options boast onsite spas and fitness rooms. Guests staying at Chaweng and Lamai resorts without gyms will find both these locations have well-equipped facilities for workouts. The Lamai fitness facilities feature state-of-the-art cardiovascular and muscle building equipment as well as undulation ropes and other training devices. Some facilities also offer muay Thai (Thai boxing) and weight loss programmes.

Countless Lamai visitors have taken advantage of their resorts to attend boxing, fitness and weight-loss programmes in the locality. Most do this with the security of knowing that after the rigours of their daily workouts they will return to their boutique establishment for a spot of pampering and meals fit for royalty. Staff working at tour and activity desks in the resorts can easily arrange bespoke fitness in Lamai programmes and temporary gym memberships.

Another popular fitness choice for Lamai holidaymakers is a session at Atma Jnana Yoga. This yogic complex is midway along the main road from Lamai to Chaweng. Highly adept instructors offer both Hatha yoga and balance-ball yoga tuition. The instructors claim even one session will cleanse the mind and prepare the body for more arduous exercise.

Lamai Italian food

Koh Samui is a foodie’s delight and provides holidaymakers with culinary experiences that will remain fondly treasured memories. The Thai island is noted for its fresh seafood dishes and the range of herbs and spices used in its cooking. In recent years, Samui has become more cosmopolitan and visitors will soon discover they can sample gastronomy from all corners of the world.

The diverse collection of international dining options available on Samui now includes Brazilian barbecue, Latin American tapas, French classic and Indian. Italian cuisine is popular and there are trattorias and ristorantes serving it in most parts of the world. Samui is no exception and Lamai Italian food is served in eateries in this east coast resort.

There are a number of establishments serving Italian food in Lamai. Some of the hotels even have Italian dishes on their menus. Lamai is not big and most people staying in the boutiques and hotels here are within walking range of the eateries. The epicentre of the dining and pub options is the village sitting in the centre of the bay. The bulk of the Italian food venues in Lamai are in this locality.

Pizzeria Napoli is a charming open-fronted eatery on Beach Road and comes highly recommended. The proprietor hails from Naples and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to pizzas and pasta. Many loyal patrons claim the pizzas, especially the calzone, are the most delicious they have ever tasted. Other recommendations include the lasagna, the house wine and gourmet coffees.   

Among other places to sample Italian food in Lamai are La Palma, Pizza Del Sol, Pa’Do Traiteur and Da Gio. La Palma is also on the main street and the golden arches of McDonald’s are nearby and offer a guiding landmark. The aura and décor of La Palma evoke that of a homely Italian trattoria. The oven is wood-fired and turns out delectable pizzas. La Palma is noted for its fresh salads and enticing condiments.

Pizza Del Sol is an Italian themed restaurant on Lamai Beach Road. It offers thin crust pizzas; the bases and other baked offerings such as the bruschetta are home-made. Lasagna, gnocchi, salmon and succulent steaks are all on the menu here. The interior of Pizza Del Sol is modern, a great place to sip an aperitif and enjoy a spot of people watching.

Also on Beach road, Pa’Do Traiteur serves up a diverse assortment of pasta dishes, patés and meat dishes. The portions here are ample and the staff welcoming. Da Gio is a pleasant location at the heart of the action. It serves a fusion of Thai and Italian dishes and is a good option for families as it has a kiddies’ play area.

Lamai jacuzzi villa

Thailand’s boutique holiday island of Koh Samui boasts a collection of beaches which range from quiet and exclusive Choeng Mon to party central Chaweng. Lamai is somewhere between the two and, although geographically close to Chaweng, is much more pastoral and ideal for tranquil vacations.

Holiday resorts in Lamai are either at the back of the beach or a few minutes’ walk up quiet lanes. The best boutique resorts are on the beach and provide Lamai jacuzzi villa accommodation that is luxurious, but at prices which will not break the bank. Outside the peak holiday period, visitors can walk along the beach and choose the accommodation that takes their fancy.

Lamai is busier between December and March. It is a good idea to pre-book online to guarantee your room will be waiting and to get the best rates. The more exclusive resorts have an assortment of accommodation which includes beach front villas with pools, jacuzzi villas and suites, and three-bedroomed residences with pools.    

Bathing in a jacuzzi is a cathartic experience and provides the body with a virtual renaissance. Visitors taking spas, massages and wellness treatments often opt for jacuzzi villas in Lamai to enhance their feelings of contentment and well-being. Villas equipped with jacuzzis are opulently furnished. Polished wood and rich fabrics are very much in evidence.

Despite the fact Lamai is noted for its aura of serenity, it offers full tourist infrastructure and guests at its boutique resorts need not leave for the duration of their stays if they do not want to. The commercial heart of Lamai is near the centre of its long sweeping beach and 100 metres inland. The village centre has a selection of banks, supermarkets, eateries and pubs.

The Super Sub Club is one of several late night venues in Lamai. There are also the ubiquitous Thai beer bars as well as more traditional pubs. The nightlife venues are unobtrusive and easily passed by if you are not looking to party. Guests at Lamai jacuzzi villas are within walking distance of other noted pubs and restaurants that include Buddy’s, the Swing Bar, the Sala and the Shamrock Irish Pub.

Resorts and activity venues are eclectic on Samui and as the island is no more than 30kms across at its widest point, they are easily reached. Among recommended outings from your Lamai jacuzzi villa are Big Buddha Temple and the magical Secret Buddha Garden. The ultimate adventure activity is a dive trip to the nearby Ang Thong National Marine Park. Staff at resort tour counters can make reservations for sightseeing and adventure trips.   

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