Lamai spa

Some of the most popular offerings for visitors to Thailand are the traditional Thai therapies used at the luxurious spa resorts, often involving ancient herbal and other treatments to promote relaxation and improved health and wellness as well as beauty. Many of the charming small resorts set along Lamai’s long, curving bay offer spa therapies as an essential part of their holiday packages.

At many of the upscale beachside resorts in Lamai, spa treatments are as varied and sophisticated as in famous European and American health and beauty resorts charging much higher prices for their luxury services. The added bonus is the exceptional care which forms part of the Thai tradition of hospitality. Massages are the first priority, often using Eastern aromatic oils as a base for the popular aromatherapy treatments so good for relaxing tense muscles and softening and brightening skin tones.

Deep tissue massages are popular in Lamai, with therapists at your chosen spa happy to modify the strength of the massage according to client’s needs. Swedish massages help relieve the fatigue caused by Western life, dealing with the muscle aches and tension resulting from poor posture and overwork. For something very different, a hot stone massage based on Indian therapies balances the body’s chakras and banishes stress.

Specifically Thai treatments include the powerful Thai yoga massages using the therapist’s elbows and feet as well as hands, releasing blocked energy channels and improving the immune system. Aromatic Thai herbs are used in steamed balls rolled over and pressed on the body to increase blood circulation and relax muscles, and Ayurvedic head massages combat stress effectively.

Your Lamai spa therapist can advise which therapies are best for you and, if you’ve been careless enough to get sunburned, an aloe vera massage is just the thing. Aloe vera is also effective in relieving the pain of arthritis as it’s anti-inflammatory. Lamai’s laid-back, somewhat bohemian ambience and the sheer natural beauty of its tropical surroundings all act to calm the mind and make you more receptive to the treatments offered.

Many upscale hotels and luxury resorts offer spas as part of the holiday package, with the best found along the northern stretches of Lamai bay beyond the little town’s more commercial centre. Whichever accommodation you choose for your weeks in the sun, spa treatments will make sure you’re relaxed and energetic enough to enjoy everything Samui has to offer.