Lamai wedding

Weddings in romantic tropical locations are the trend nowadays, and few destinations are more romantic than Thailand’s beautiful Lamai Beach on Koh Samui. Your unforgettable Lamai wedding can be celebrated on the soft, white sands or in your luxury resort, and your honeymoon can begin the minute you’re married.

Your wedding can be secular, Christian or even according to the exotic Buddhist marriage rites and, after registration with the local authority, is perfectly legal in your home country. It’s best to have a Thai wedding service advise on the arrangement of all paperwork and necessary certified translations for you, leaving you plenty of time before the ceremony to relax and enjoy Samui’s many delights. Choosing a high-end boutique resort in Lamai which provides full wedding packages is the sensible option.

Lamai resorts offering wedding services let you choose between full packages or a ceremony tailor-made to your specific requirements. Either way, the wedding of your most romantic dreams is guaranteed, as are superb photo opportunities recording your special day. Many couples opt for a traditional Thai or Chinese-style wedding, conducted by Buddhist monks from a local temple and involving charming rituals, and Western-style weddings are another option.

Typical Lamai wedding packages comprise a beachside ceremony include the five-monk ceremony itself, offerings to the monks and the temple co-ordinator, a lunch, a traditional drum and dance escort from your villa to the site of the ceremony, site decorations, flowers and bouquets, a wedding cake and sparkling wine, make-up and hairdressing for the bride, a professional photographer, sound system, romantic dinner for two and a one-night stay at the resort including spa treatments. 

If you’ve travelled to your wedding venue with friends and family, a party or dinner reception can be organised as an extra, and can include fireworks and traditional Thai dance shows and music as well as a jazz band or DJ. If you intend to have your marriage registered, you’ll both need to spend a few days in Bangkok to have your declaration of freedom to marry witnessed at your embassy, and its translation confirmed and notarised.

A Lamai wedding with all the trimmings is certain to cost less than a ceremony, reception and honeymoon in your own country, even taking into account your air fare and accommodation. The bonus is the sheer romance of the wedding ceremony, the tropical beauty of its Lamai beachside setting and the superb service and friendship you’ll receive from all who help you realise your dream of the perfect, special day.