Lamai wedding resorts

Thailand’s tropical island of Koh Samui is a favourite for weddings due to its glorious weather, sheer beauty and luxury resorts offering full wedding packages.

One of the best spots to tie the knot is on the beach at Lamai, and the area offers a good choice of Lamai wedding resorts guaranteed to provide the hassle-free wedding of your dreams.

Lamai Beach is located a short drive from frenetic Chaweng and its beach, and offers a more peaceful ambience as well as nightlife options in bars and a few clubs. The small town is less developed and commercialised than Chaweng, and was the first village on Samui to begin catering to overseas visitors. Accommodation here ranges between a few famous international chain hotels, smaller hotels and small, boutique resorts set along the sands of the curving bay.

The best wedding services and packages are offered by the high-end resorts, spas and hotels backing the sands and set in beautifully landscaped tropical gardens perfect for that special day. For total luxury and a memorable day as well as a relaxing honeymoon, upscale resorts with spa facilities and private villas boasting their own pools are the perfect choice. Several of the best resorts offer gourmet-level restaurants, so there’s no need to leave the property unless you wish to.

Lamai wedding resorts are invariably set in a magic combination of beach, azure sea, lush tropical foliage and charmingly designed luxurious accommodation. It’s no surprise that providing everything for the perfect wedding day is big business on Samui these days. The professional care given to all aspects of the ceremony is part of the Thai tradition of hospitality, and Lamai is one of Thailand’s most popular wedding destinations as a result.

A wedding on the sands of a Lamai luxury boutique resort is almost totally stress-free, as all the happy couple need to do is to arrive several days before the ceremony, relax and let the wedding planners do their job. Most resorts recommend a visit to their spa before the actual ceremony, as it calms pre-wedding nerves and ensures a wonderful day to remember.

A highlight is the exotic beauty of the Thai ceremony itself, with its ancient Buddhist rituals performed by orange-robed monks from the local temple.

Lamai wedding resorts give some of the loveliest settings in the world for your special day, and cost far less for the package and your holiday than a comparative wedding in your home country plus the honeymoon costs.