Lamai Thai cooking classes

Almost every holidaymaker who arrives in Thailand soon learns to love the tropical tastes of typical Thai cuisine, but may have absolutely no idea how to cook the dishes at home in order to amaze and delight family and friends. Lamai Thai cooking classes are the obvious answer to this dilemma, especially as almost all the ingredients needed are available in the West. Given that most Western Thai restaurants can be disappointing once you’ve eaten the real thing in Thailand, learning Thai cooking is the only way to recreate your favourites. 

The best of the cooking classes show you how to make the spicy pastes used to flavour the curries as well as using the freshest of ingredients from local outdoor markets. A wander around a Lamai market with a knowledgeable chef is a culinary revelation for fans of home cooking, as they’ll be introduced to exotic vegetables and fruits they’ve never before seen as well as local varieties of more familiar ingredients. The most important skill is grinding the spices in the right proportion for the dish, although most Thais now use the ready-made pastes.

Thai cooking classes in Lamai can be had from tourist agencies and offer all types of cuisine from basic Thai dishes to Royal Thai Cuisine. Depending on the course you choose, you’ll learn how to prepare and cook between three or four to as many as 15 different dishes. Classes are small, usually with a minimum of two and a maximum of six persons, and kitchens vary between Western-style and more basic set-ups. All use traditional Thai utensils and food preparation methods.

Dishes include pad Thai, tom yam, the fiery green papaya salad reputed to aid strength and health, green and red curries, Massaman curry, spicy salads and coconut-rich desserts as well as soups and spring rolls. Coconuts and their milk and cream play an important part in Thai cuisine, especially in curries and add a unique flavour wherever they’re used.

Above all, Thai cooking classes are fun, and several venues offer short’ taster’ classes allowing you decide if it’s for you. The courses vary in length between half a day and five mornings or afternoons a week and, whichever you choose, the highlight is lunch or dinner consisting of every dish cooked during the course. Lamai Thai cooking classes are open to all, even guys who’ve never boiled an egg in their lives, and everyone enjoys the experience, learns the skills and loves devouring the results.