Lamai Italian food

Koh Samui is a foodie’s delight and provides holidaymakers with culinary experiences that will remain fondly treasured memories. The Thai island is noted for its fresh seafood dishes and the range of herbs and spices used in its cooking. In recent years, Samui has become more cosmopolitan and visitors will soon discover they can sample gastronomy from all corners of the world.

The diverse collection of international dining options available on Samui now includes Brazilian barbecue, Latin American tapas, French classic and Indian. Italian cuisine is popular and there are trattorias and ristorantes serving it in most parts of the world. Samui is no exception and Lamai Italian food is served in eateries in this east coast resort.

There are a number of establishments serving Italian food in Lamai. Some of the hotels even have Italian dishes on their menus. Lamai is not big and most people staying in the boutiques and hotels here are within walking range of the eateries. The epicentre of the dining and pub options is the village sitting in the centre of the bay. The bulk of the Italian food venues in Lamai are in this locality.

Pizzeria Napoli is a charming open-fronted eatery on Beach Road and comes highly recommended. The proprietor hails from Naples and is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to pizzas and pasta. Many loyal patrons claim the pizzas, especially the calzone, are the most delicious they have ever tasted. Other recommendations include the lasagna, the house wine and gourmet coffees.   

Among other places to sample Italian food in Lamai are La Palma, Pizza Del Sol, Pa’Do Traiteur and Da Gio. La Palma is also on the main street and the golden arches of McDonald’s are nearby and offer a guiding landmark. The aura and décor of La Palma evoke that of a homely Italian trattoria. The oven is wood-fired and turns out delectable pizzas. La Palma is noted for its fresh salads and enticing condiments.

Pizza Del Sol is an Italian themed restaurant on Lamai Beach Road. It offers thin crust pizzas; the bases and other baked offerings such as the bruschetta are home-made. Lasagna, gnocchi, salmon and succulent steaks are all on the menu here. The interior of Pizza Del Sol is modern, a great place to sip an aperitif and enjoy a spot of people watching.

Also on Beach road, Pa’Do Traiteur serves up a diverse assortment of pasta dishes, patés and meat dishes. The portions here are ample and the staff welcoming. Da Gio is a pleasant location at the heart of the action. It serves a fusion of Thai and Italian dishes and is a good option for families as it has a kiddies’ play area.