Lamai seafood restaurant

There are three things that people visiting Koh Samui can be sure of. These are continuous sunshine, splendid beaches and the opportunity of dining on delicious cuisine. Although a profusion of international restaurants have opened in the main resorts of Chaweng and Lamai, delicious Thai food is still available in hundreds of dining establishments.

Dining options are great in Lamai and people staying here can enjoy signature dishes such as curries, kao pat (fried rice) and pat Thai (fried noodles a-la-Thai). As Koh Samui is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, fresh seafood forms an integral part of the dishes so dining at a Lamai seafood restaurant is an uplifting experience.

There are a few small cafés and beachside shacks in Lamai which serve up cheap and cheerful seafood dishes in an ambience filled setting. More than a few of the Lamai hotels and boutique resorts on the long beachfront have in-house restaurants which offer seafood in more refined surroundings. These eateries almost always have al-fresco terraces which are delightfully cool on summer evenings.

There are plenty of independent restaurants that serve seafood for those who venture out and want to enjoy the fruits of the sea. The flagship of the seafood restaurants in Lamai is the Sala Thai. This restaurant is on the main route through town and is done out in a classic Thai style. The signature Thai dish of tom yam gung (Thai spicy broth with prawns) is a real delight here.

The Sala Thai boasts an extensive menu and among its other enchanting seafood dishes are fish steamed in lemon sauce, fried spicy fish, pat Thai with fresh prawns, panaeng seafood curries and steamed crab. The famous ultra-spicy yam salads are on the menu at the Sala. These dishes come with shrimps, squid or pork.

Kob Thai Restaurant is set amid nicely landscaped gardens and is about 500 metres from Lamai Beach. There is a signpost indicating the route to it. The menu boasts a good assortment of fish, squid, crabs and prawns prepared and cooked in various Thai styles. Added bonuses here are a nice selection of wines and a swimming pool which is ideal for those with youngsters. 

Another excellent seafood restaurant in Lamai is Krua Chao Baan. This large open-sided establishment sits right on the shoreline just to the south of Lamai Beach. Huge crabs, squid, mussels and king prawns prepared in the head chef’s inimitable style make the trip a worthwhile one.