Lamai Attractions

The beach is the standout among the Lamai attractions of course and it runs the length of Lamai. Many of Lamai’s top accommodation options reside on the sand and you can be swimming in the tropical sea within seconds of leaving your room. All sorts of water sports can be enjoyed at the beach, while the town runs behind.

One of the most visited of Lamai attractions is the oddly shaped rock formations known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai to the south of the resort. Respectively called grandmother and grandfather, they resemble human genitalia and thus draw giggles from tourists.

You can also have a dip in the water here or take in some of the souvenir shops. South of here again is the Muslim fishing village of Hua Thanon, which is a close representation to what Samui was like. It is best known among tourists today for its excellent seafood in the simple restaurants here.

You can’t go to Thailand without paying a visit to one of the many Buddhist temples and the local Wat Lamai is definitely worth having a look at. It is one of the popular Lamai tourist attractions, with fairs, festivals and fun things to do for kids. The older part of the town, off Lamai Beach at the northern end, has a collection of stalls and various activities.

There is also a museum onsite—the Wat Lamai Folklore Museum—which details Koh Samui history through collections of stunning artefacts. Keep an eye out for the ceramic and brass pots and the multitude of Buddha images (statues). The millennia-old ceremonial drum is a highlight.

A few miles to the southwest of Lamai is another prominent Samui temple, Wat Khunaram. This is the famed place that houses the body of Lung Pordaeng, a high-up Samui monk long since passed away. The mummified monk today sits behind a pane of glass in the lotus pose, complete with sunglasses, and remains strikingly lifelike.

Many visitors check out attractions in Lamai that are farther afield by renting a motorbike or jeep. Samui is mountainous and there are some fun roads to take in, including up to the Magic Garden between Lamai and Nathon. This beautifully sculpted rock garden features a collection of Buddha images carved from the local rock by Samui native Nim Thongsuk and there’s also a waterfall and pleasant walking.

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